Company Contact Phone FAX Email Website Notes
THE UPS STORE Detroit Devyani and Parimal 313.963.7080
PAKMAIL - Ferndale Bob and Matthew 248.543.3097 248.543.5236
THE UPS STORE Southfield Keenan 248.559.1690 248.559.5884
Company Contact Phone FAX Email Website Notes
Palmer Moving Services 586.834.3400
Top Notch Transport Tom & Lynn Hodgson 309.253.9700 Everywhere east of Texas
PLYCON TRANSPORT Mike Email for Online Ship Quotes 708.653.0400 INTERSTATE & INTERNATIONAL.. online ship quotes
ART PACK SERVICES INC. Gary 248.478.8946 248.478.9588 INTERSTATE. Custom service, high value & large items
ON THE GO EXPEDITING LLC Deonte 734.773.7724
McCALLUM MOVING Michigan Movers Piano Specialty 586.776.7898 586.777.4089
DuMouchelles Art Gallery  409 East Jefferson Ave.  Detroit, Michigan 48226  United States
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