Written Appraisals

Thank you for your interest in DuMouchelle Art Galleries appraisal and auction process. DuMouchelles’ art experts have provided their appraisal services to leading law firms, banking institutions, museums and private collectors for over 90 years. Whether it is a single item or a whole estate, our appraisers can evaluate your items and provide you a written document for insurance, tax or estate purposes. To schedule an appointment for a written appraisal, please call our offices at (313) 963-6255.

How To Sell On Consignment

Verbal Appraisals -The first step in consigning your items is to obtain a free auction estimate. You may submit items for review by one of the following methods:

  1. Online Submission – Send digital photo images of your items by email to info@dumoart.com along with all available information including: artist or maker’s name, medium and subject matter, approximate age, dimensions, signature (if any) and provenance, if known. Please be aware that photos can be processed through to our website up to the combined size of 9MB and under – so if you have multiple photos that are larger than this, send them to us in more than one e-mail. Please allow 5-7 days for our representative to reply.

  2. Text Review - If you would like to text photographs, please call the gallery at 313-963-6255 to obtain the best contact number to text.

  3. Complimentary Walk-In Appraisals - Attend an appraisal clinic on Wednesday or Saturday afternoon at our gallery from noon to 4 pm. If you have more than 5 items, we would prefer you to contact the gallery for an appointment with one of our appraisers. They can then allot more time to work with you on your collection.

  4. In-Home Visit - Should you have multiple items or an entire estate, please call our gallery at 313-963-6255 to discuss your collection and schedule an appointment with an appraiser to come to your home to review your items with you. There is no charge for this verbal appraisal. We serve both local and out-of-state consignments.

  5. Mail Photographs by Post of your items to DuMouchelle Art Galleries, 409 E. Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, MI 48226 - along with pertinent information noted above. Please note that photos will not be returned. Allow 5-7 days for our representative to reply.

Please be aware that evaluation of items reviewed remotely are preliminary estimates and may be subject to change upon in-person inspection by an appraiser.

Consignment Agreement

After the appraisal, if you decide to offer your items at one of our monthly auctions, then we will formalize the details in a Consignment Agreement. This short contract will note the description of the property with the corresponding pre-auction estimates and any reserves (minimum sale prices) desired. The agreement will also detail our fees: the commission rate, a 1% insurance fee and a nominal charge should an item go unsold. Commission is calculated on a sliding scale dependant on the final gavel price - the more that an item sells for, the less commission is drawn. Unlike some auction houses, DuMouchelles does not charge a fee for photography, marketing or premier item placement in our catalogue, brochure or on our website.

Delivering Your Consignment

Once the Consignment Agreement has been completed, a delivery date will need to be scheduled with the gallery. Shipping arrangements are by your selection and at your expense. Should you need one, we can assist you with a List of Shippers that our clients regularly use and those shippers can provide you with complimentary quotes.


Promotion is a critical part of the auction business and at DuMouchelles, we approach the market on multiple levels. Your item will be photographed for our fully-illustrated color catalogue which is mailed to thousands of subscribers and interested parties worldwide. The brochure alerts our clients to the special featured collections and is also sent out monthly. In addition, DuMouchelles catalogue is posted on multiple art websites focused on art collectors, dealers and museums - allowing your consigned items to be reviewed by an extensive audience. Each auction is both locally and internationally advertised through newspapers, magazines, radio and the internet. Finally, we communicate with our established buyers before each month’s preview and auction via e-mail blasts to remind our clients of the upcoming events. And of course, all items are displayed for preview in person at our gallery for a week prior to the sale.

DuMouchelle bidders enjoy the convenience afforded by our in-house, absentee, and phone bidding services - as well as online bidding through Live Auctioneers.com and Invaluable.com. These sites are especially useful for international bidders.

After the Sale

Within 2 weeks after the completion of the sale, you will receive a Preliminary Report detailing the auction results, as post-auction sales often continue for several days. This report allows the opportunity to address any concerns you may have before your payment is finalized. In the event that your item does not sell, you may arrange to have the item returned to you or, if both parties agree, it can be re-offered in a future auction.


Your settlement check will be mailed approximately 45 business days after the completed sale.

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